Bare Bones Barbershop likes to keep things traditional. You walk in, wait your turn, get your cut and you’re out. These guys know what guys want and their no-fuss attitude and taste for quality has led to Bare Bones becoming Brisbane’s foremost barbershop, for those guys in the know.

As classic cuts from bygone eras enjoy a surge in popularity Bare Bones staff have their work cut out – there is nearly always a queue. The wait, however is fast moving as they have 7 chairs so you're never waiting long for your turn. 

The shop feels like you've stepped into a mates garage, it was the first of it's kind for Brisbane and even Australia. These guys have been cutting hair since before it was cool (since 1999), carving a unique path in the men's grooming industry with a noteable level of experience you're sure to get a great haircut at a good price, and potentially even a bad joke for your troubles. 

Despite a youthful fit-out with images of punk rockers, fifties icons as well as ornate skate decks decorating the walls – there is no feeling of pretentiousness at Bare Bones. On one chair you might find some slick rocker, but next to him will be an old local plumber taking his grandson for his first trim. 

At the end of the day men from different walks of life converge on Bare Bones Barbershop for the same thing.